Trevor Boland is a graphic designer born and raised in Champaign, Illinois. He grew up around the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, knowing that he was meant to attend the university for his further education. As a current student and intern at the university, he has a deep understanding of university brand guidelines. He began his internship in January of 2022 for the Marketing and Communications department within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Being the largest college at the university, he has completed complex projects in a fast-paced and diverse environment, making him adaptable to work under high levels of pressure while maintaining accuracy.

He grew up with all things nature and outdoors. This started with yearly traditions of going to Florida for large family spring break trips. He considers Florida a second home that has expanded his horizon to explore new forms of the outdoors. Nevertheless, Trevor loves a good adventure with close friends or family, which inspired his project, Adventure Beyond. Adventure Beyond is a passion project for Trevor where he can encourage others his age to explore the outdoors. Based on his past, the outdoors is a great place to find new interests or help explore his imagination, that he wants to share with others, using national parks as the focus. Along with inciting people to explore the outdoors, this project also informs them on how to take care of nature by giving back to the parks. Adventure Beyond consists of a funding project where deliverables – including an illustrated deck of cards, an informative booklet including details about each park with top 10 lists, and box packaging – would help raise money that can be given back to the National Park Foundation and Service.