Rebecca Redd is an interdisciplinary designer and illustrator based in Urbana, Illinois pursuing a B.F.A in Graphic Design. She specializes in combining her love of art and illustration with more traditional design methods and aesthetics. Her design style includes bold typography with interesting and full color palettes. She is driven, dedicated, and boasts a strong attention to detail. Rebecca finds great passion in incorporating climate awareness, education, and activism into her designs and personal life.

Sun Soil is a passion project which highlights the importance of native plants in the midwest landscape. She includes packaging design, print design, branding, and web design into a cohesive brand identity.

The project focuses on the native wildlife positively affected by the introduction of native plants into everyday landscapes. Her target audience are people who are looking to make small changes in their daily lives to lead a more sustainable life, which is pursued by creating a gardening kit that contains all the elements a person would need to start a simple native garden. Her designs feature hand drawn illustrations, textures, and bright colors creating a brand that is sustainable at its core, but still playful and joyous to spark motivation in the consumer.