Patrycja Tracz is a designer who was born in Tarnow, Poland then immigrated to the United States at a young age. Art has been a part of her life since she was young with her mother, who is an artist, being a big influence in her career. She is currently working as a graphic design intern for the Information Trust Institute within the Grainger College of Engineering. Patrycja aims to create designs that are fun, colorful, and stand out in the message they are trying to relay. Throughout her 5 years of university, Patrycja has also become very involved in fitness and the fitness community. It has completely changed her life for the better and she enjoys educating others about the benefits of fitness. This paramount part of her University experience inspired Patrycja’s design project, MISSFIT.

For Patrycja’s capstone project, she decided to explore how she can encourage women (18-25) who strength train to build a community of friends to continue going back to the gym. After conducting a survey, she decided to create a women’s only gym that incorporated a social media aspect that better encourages community building. MISSFIT is a women’s only gym built to create strong friendships made amongst women with the similar interest of weight lifting. Her project includes an interface that is used to check into the gym and to share your workouts with the friends you make at this gym location. Your workouts are automatically uploaded onto the interface after you leave MISSFIT and then you are given the option to upload your photos from your training session. Others can then comment, like, and message you.