Miranda Mottlowitz is a passionate fashion and graphic designer who specializes in creating bold, edgy, and colorful designs. She was born in Minnetonka, MN and grew up in Highland Park, IL. Growing up as the youngest of four girls, fashion was always kind of her thing. Wanting to be an artist from a young age, Mottlowitz followed her passion and it drove her to the school of art and design at UIUC! Mottlowitz’s project focuses on bringing inner confidence and happiness to young female adults of all sizes through fashion. Growing up Mottlowitz had a hard time finding clothing for her size that she felt confident in. With a mission to bring inclusivity to fashion, Mottlowitz created the brand Muse. Muse takes away the frustration of finding clothing by supplying different outfit choices for all sizes. Not only will you find clothing that fits, you will also find BOLD pieces that make you feel confident and happy!