Hello! I’m Mia Martin, a graphic designer with a passion for UX/UI design and developing brands that connect with people and make a difference. Design exists to solve problems, and my work focuses on research and human connection to create a positive impact.Driven by my love for vintage beauty, and the collective desire for positivity and self-love in a time of unrealistic beauty standards, I created Groove Cosmetics, a refillable makeup company inspired by vintage refillable compacts and expressive looks of the 60s and 70s. This company aims to address multiple issues within the beauty industry, including unattainable ideals, difficulty finding the best products, and the 120 billion units of packaging waste it produces every year globally.For millennia, people have used cosmetics to enhance their looks, aiming to appeal to the gods or other people, but it wasn’t until a shift in the 1960s and 70s that makeup truly took off as an avenue of self expression. Bold eye makeup became an extension of the mod individual, hippies popularized the fresh faced look by forgoing traditional makeup, and disco gave rise to ultra-glam looks. By channeling the spirit of the past, Groove empowers women to enhance their natural beauty and express themselves through their makeup instead of using it to cover up or force themselves into a box. Addressing the intimidating aspects of the beauty industry, Groove makes the process of finding products easier by prioritizing community and personalizing each individual’s experience. The app features a quiz and beauty profile to recommend formulas, colors, and products that may best enhance the shopper’s individual features, along with a community and integrated review system that includes images of fellow shoppers wearing products to help shoppers see what a product actually looks like before buying. For customizability and convenience of the busy modern woman, products are designed to fit within a reusable magnetic compact and are offered in different sized pans, paying homage to beautifully decorated 1920s compacts that were passed down for generations. Through reviving elements of the past, Groove sustains and empowers the future.