Hi, I’m Mely! I am a first-generation Mexican American graphic designer. My design work is heavily inspired by my culture, environment, and interests. Aesthetically, I am drawn to the marks created by handmade work as the details and so-called “mistakes” humanize design in a way technology often cannot recreate. I hope that I can combine newer methods with older styles (and vice versa) in my design work to create something wholly unique. My work process involves extensive research by seeking out unique perspectives and bringing them to life with my designs.

El Otro Lado, Issue #4: Entre Mundos de Identitidad was initially inspired by my own personal experiences and self-discovery. Through further research on the topic of Latina identity in the United States, I discovered a plethora of diverse values at the intersection of gender and ethnic cultures. This zine contains content that was created through a combination of interviews, essays, poetry, and more. Some of the main topics explored include gender, religion, and parentification. In addition to these topics are interwoven fond memories that incite reminiscence and longing. I created this zine with the goal of highlighting and sharing these stories so that other people facing similar experiences might feel validated and know that they are not alone. Generally, I also hope to expose these viewpoints to prompt reflection on ourselves and our cultures.