Kathleen Noren is a graphic designer from Wilmette, Illinois, following in the footsteps of her artistic family. Aside from art and design, fashion is her creative outlet. Kathleen got into thrifting when she discovered the unfortunate truth behind her favorite fast fashion brands. Shopping for second-hand apparel is not only a cheaper alternative, but more environmentally friendly and allows Kathleen to experiment with unique styles. For her project, she chose to create a brand that encourages the next generation of shoppers to experience the joy of guilt-free retail therapy.

ReShop is a thrift store where fashion lovers can easily access affordable and sustainable clothes. It’s donation-only with no seller mark-up, allowing for low prices that make it accessible for high school students. The goal with this branding project is to encourage sustainable shopping habits for young trend setters. Centering around environmental consciousness, ReShop envisions future norms of shopping and redefines what it means to buy new clothing.