Ilan Elenbogen is a multidisciplinary designer from Evanston, IL. He’s focused in graphic design while also a well-versed photographer, videographer, and motion graphics artist. Though he’s always enjoyed creating work that is visually compelling, he’s also driven by the functionality of graphic design, and is determined to use design for social change. Issues that he’s particularly interested in include the Climate Crisis and mental illnesses. He’s inspired by the insights that nature can provide for solving human issues and is excited to apply natural inspired thinking to different areas in his design career.

Ilan’s capstone project is a design and wellness research organization called Send the Sun. It is dedicated to researching and presenting mental health solutions by means of sustainable design thinking including biomimicry. This particular topic was inspired by the fascinating design innovations that stem from applying biomimicry to social issues, along with his own experiences with mental health and those of his immediate family members. From mid to late high school and amidst some isolated winters, he knew that mental health was an area that needed much attention because of its dramatic impact on people’s day to day lives as well as long-term potential in life. The experience of online education and lack of in person socialization during the pandemic helped him understand the urgent need of a connection to nature in one’s daily routine.

Send the Sun is driven to ensure the consistency of nature and locating or relocating of brightness in people’s lives. The “Sun Slide” journal is free to college students and is intended to initiate habits that will inspire healthy cycles of mental health. It is meant to give them a balance between their duties as students and activities that in many cases are vital for maintaining a healthy well-being during a college semester including walking, creativity and combating isolation.