Hannah Fredrick is a graphic designer who is passionate about packaging, brand identity, and print design. Her style typically includes illustration and a bright color palette but is always interested in broadening her style and design skills. Her goal with graphic design is to encourage meaningful learning and creative development. She is working to achieve this by creating a space where resources are shared freely and opportunity to grow is cultivated. One of the area’s most in need of art resources is public school art programs. It’s no secret that art programs lack funding in public schools across the country. This means that a large amount of responsibility often falls upon the art educator. This inspired Hannah to design Art Sprout. Art Sprout is a non-profit organization that supports elementary school art teachers by providing supplies, curriculum aid, and opportunity to showcase their student’s art. Individual art kits are made for each student with the option for pre-made lesson plans and art history integration included for the art educator. To show the value of art education, each box includes a built-in frame to exhibit the class’s projects.