Hello! I’m Emma, a graphic designer with an interest in illustration and children’s literature. I draw inspiration from my siblings as I watch them grow up and reflect on my own childhood experiences. My work predominantly centers around producing materials for children that resonate with their inner world and encourage positive development, drawing on personal insights from my own childhood to create affirming and inspiring content.

Irritable is a comprehensive guide for young females navigating their periods. This project was influenced by my own personal journey navigating puberty as a student in public schools, and the lack of resources available to me at that time. Despite the critical nature of sex education, there is currently no standard comprehensive sex-ed curriculum in the United States. Moreover, the female reproductive system is often mistreated and under-researched, perpetuating a significant gap in knowledge and understanding. This lack of awareness and information around female health issues leaves adolescents uninformed and ill-prepared for this transformative stage of life. Irritable takes an empowering approach to educating 12 to 16-year old females on their bodies and minds in the midst of the age of social media and cyberbullying. This book addresses the gaps in female’s awareness of their bodies and understanding of how hormones affect the body, mind, and daily living.