My art aims to shed light on the injustices faced by and amplify the voices of Latino who have been silenced or marginalized by the systems that have been set up by our society. I draw inspiration from my childhood experiences and the nostalgic memories that are deeply rooted in my culture. Growing up, music was a constant presence in my life, and I have fond memories of listening to classic Latino artists with my family. Through my work, I seek to challenge the status quo and advocate for a more equitable system that values the contributions of all artists, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

By highlighting the disparities that exist within the Latino community, I hope to spark conversations and inspire action towards a more just and inclusive future. My art is a call to arms for all those who believe in the power of music to bring people together and the need for a more equitable and diverse industry that reflects the richness and diversity of our communities. I hope to inspire others to join me in advocating for change and working towards a future where every artist has an equal opportunity to share their art with the world.