Hi! My name is Chloe. My work focuses on the multidisciplinary exploration of design through color and play. I include bold type and line to draw the viewer in. I also use texture to give my work more dimension which allows for my digital work to feel more tangible. My background in traditional art has influenced my approach to design, giving me the advantage of an alternate perspective. This has allowed me to push my work further and explore different solutions. While designing, I have found that empathy is crucial to fully understanding the issue at hand, allowing me to design meaningful solutions that meet my client’s needs. For this project, I chose to explore the things I enjoy. I took a much more graphic and illustrative route that pushed me to expand on my usual design style. This resulted in a zine that is a reflection of myself and the things I am grateful for. While creating this, I realized how appreciative I am of the smaller things in my life. As the list of things I enjoy and am grateful for continues to grow, I hope to continue expanding on this project in the future.