Callie Clinch is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Urbana, IL. Within her work she creates successful designs that function as art alone. Callie’s work often combines retro inspiration that function in the modern design world. With visuals from the 60’s and 70’s she explores the world of type through the hand of illustration. Her use of contrast creates eye catching designs that incorporate illustration, texture, and personality to create digital work with a physical feel. As a multimedia artist she adds innovative solutions to creative problems across all aspects of her career. In her personal time she enjoys creating across different medias specifically painting, 3D work, and craft.In her most recent project “Life Preserver” she creates a sustainable beach brand concept that includes packaging design, print design, and web design. Based around the harmful effects of widespread plastic pollution she highlights ways to reduce your contribution to the issue on your next beach trip. She creates products that include more sustainable materials and promote more sustainable habits. This hypothetical beach brand offers rental options, reusable materials, and convenient choices to make sustainability exciting and accessible. In this project she combines vintage beach design with California skate motifs through hand drawn illustration and typography, giving a new spin on what being sustainable can look like.