Hi, I’m Brian! I’m a designer interested in identities that ignite a sense of spontaneous creativity within me. After all, identities that can be seen within ourselves and the world around us are the ones that stick with us the most. Iconic, friendly, and open are the characteristics I align with as a designer in today’s complex world. I also love illustrating and drawing which means I take advantage of my illustrative background to push my work to new heights whenever I can! I gained my design interest through programs in my community center and the volunteers and educators in those programs. My primary and secondary schooling usually didn’t have the sufficient funds to implement any fulfilling art classes, let alone a well-structured digital media class. I’m very grateful for the opportunities I was afforded even as a low-income student, however. I’ve always been inspired to assist my community in order to make these opportunities more accessible. Accessibility to these resources can have an impact on students and lead them to places where they might’ve never thought otherwise. This is why I came up with Do It Design! Do It Design is a learning platform that provides middle schoolers with access to design resources and education. The platform is designed to teach students about various design principles and tools, including digital media, in a fun and engaging way by offering interactive and immersive lessons. Through these lessons, students can learn about practical skills, including how to use design software and tools. Do It Design aims to inspire middle schoolers to explore their interests in design and help bridge the gap in access to resources and opportunities between students from different socioeconomic backgrounds.