Audriana Rotherham is a photographer and graphic designer. In her documentary-style photography, she captures authentic interactions and detailed designs that can be seen in book layouts, illustrations, posters, and more. Audriana’s work is heavily influenced by nature and aims to show the beauty of everyday life and relationships. For her capstone project, Audriana is designing a website and a book that compiles advice from anonymous people called Two Cents. This is a passion project for her, intended to help others who feel lost and overwhelmed. The advice given in Two Cents is advice strangers wish to share that they believe can positively help someone or that has been shown to them. The advice is uploaded to the website, and then compiled into a journal, as well as postcards. Each page of the journal is slightly personalized to the stranger, showing their favorite color and favorite song, along with their advice. This way, each book page can be personalized to each person, showing the reader another person on the other side cares.