Hello! I’m Athena, a digital product designer currently based in Champaign, IL. I use my background in Graphic Design and Information Sciences to create intuitive, empathetic designs. I’m passionate about taking on complex problems and working through them to create joyful solutions. Though my focus is in UX Design, I am also interested in product branding and illustrative works. In the future, I hope to expand my design knowledge and learn 3D digital art. My capstone project is pocketspace, a short-term storage solution for college students. This mobile app aims to help students find affordable storage space on and off campus. Akin to Airbnb, but for storing your belongings, pocketspace aims to provide accessible and flexible storage spaces at student-friendly pricing. As an out-of-state student, I found that finding places to store my belongings over the summer was difficult – especially moving between apartment leases. This is often due to the low supply of storage units around campus and short time frames to find storage space. With pocketspace, I hope to utilize the local community to create an easy and convenient way for students to store their belongings at more affordable prices.