What is the purpose of art? Is it a symbol of wealth? Social status? Education? I’d like to propose that the purpose of art is the same as the purpose of any virtue, the same purpose oflife as a whole: to make things better. Assigning value beyond that often detracts from thiscentral cause. Art made for the sake of money or to show off can easily lack the genuine quality of art made for the sake of making the world better. Capitalistic ulterior motives rear their ugly head far too often in the fine art sphere; in my work, it is something I try to avoid.

With my work, I engage in the relationship between art and the everyday, art that isn’t restricted to an upper class audience or placed behind a glass barrier. I make art that the viewer can not only interact with but live with. Every piece of art I make is a livable object. It is not meant to be preciously placed behind glass and never touched or used – it’s made to be broken and mended, dirtied and cleaned. It is made to be lived with.