My name is Xiaoyan Cui, a graphic designer based on visual design and UI/UX design. I am always interested in exploring the social problems influencing our life and trying to make designs in order to improve those issues.In my work, I like to use color contrast to enhance the visual effect and improve functions based on pre-existing UI/UX designs. Also, I notice the importance of helping people in minority speak out their needs.

Reading Dyslexia is the first work I am going to exhibit. Reading is an important activity in people’s life because they need to acquire knowledge by reading. However, most of the people with dyslexia are reluctant to tell others about their problems and seek help. So I designed this interactive installation and simulated how dyslexia people read. I hope the design can help others to understand dyslexia people and help them when they’re in need.

ADHD posters are designed based on the students who have trouble with ADHD. Those posters provide them the information when they’re in need.

Pet the Pups is an application in order to provide donations to stray animal shelters. By donating 10 dollars, the users are able to register and spend a day with cute animals. Also, the app sells souvenirs with animal logos. All the profits will be also donated to the shelters in order to provide those animals with a better life.

Wisdom Tree is an educational application designed to provide children with sex education. Based on my own cultural background, there are a group of young kids called “left-behind children”. Their parents are all working in the cities and far away from the family. The left-behind children lack the opportunity to receive sex education. Wisdom Tree provides the contents they need to learn.