Tico Pang is an illustrator and graphic designer from Beijing, China. With an empathetic and childlike heart, Tico likes to tell stories that dissect subtle emotions, arouse ripples of resonance, and heal the audience’s soul through simple and warm arts. In this age of haste, she urges people to stop for a moment, take a breath, and pay more attention to the self. Using illustrations and videos as her conduits, she wants to create a world where everyone is spiritually peaceful and rich.

Tico’s project, titled “When I Pick Up My Pen”, is a series of visual journals about artistic creation, healing, and bonds. Through a miscellany of illustrations and short comics, the journals invite the audience to the inner world of four young artists: painter, musician, writer, and sculptor, respectively. In this journey, the viewer will see snippets of the artists’ daily life of creation, shifting emotions, and the unique meaning of art. The goal is to help young art lovers find the value of art creation that is unique to them and thus, embrace their creativity.