Through physical and metaphorical layers of seemingly unconnected ideas and mediums, I create moments that slow viewers down to do a double take and examine closer what is before them. I place emphasis on our biased ways of viewing, drawing attention to what our brains notice, what they don’t, and how they fill in the gaps – informed by our perceptual predisposition shaped by experiences and expectations. In addition to working with paint, I draw on the iterative and ephemeral qualities of movement, sound, and memory.

The theme of flowers are used to emphasize the connection with the temporary, beautiful fleeting moments – and think about how we try to preserve and hold onto those memories or artificially create positive ones. Different levels of understanding will be available to different audiences of my work based on their relationships and perception of me. Physically, visually, and auditorily, I present what initially appears to be chaos, but also the opportunity for viewers to embrace the unfamiliar to try and understand, to connect, to reflect, and to reevaluate how our experiences influence our perceptual biases, and how they affect the way in which we frame our view of the world, ourselves, and interaction with others.