I created Amor Azul, a pseudo tequila brand that celebrates Mexican culture. Tequila is a result of many years of refining a process that ensures quality tequila from silver to aged. The cultural heritage and customs of tequila are often unknown or overlooked by mainstream audiences, especially celebrities. I wanted to shine a light on how accessible it is to “create” a tequila brand as a celebrity. 818 Tequila, for example, is owned by Kendall Jenner. This brand is problematic because it pays homage to the city of Calabasas, California, while the tequila is imported from Jalisco, Mexico. Jenner disregards the craftsmanship of tequila in Mexico while monetizing the drink.

“Amor Azul” is Spanish for Blue Love. This name was inspired by the blue agave plant which is essential for producing high-quality tequila. Love is an important factor that plays into the craft of creating tequila. I specifically highlighted different elements of Mexican culture while taking creative inspiration from Mexican printmakers José-Guadalupe Posada and Manuel Manilla. Through the visual branding of Amor Azul, I hope to bring back some cultural symbols with my designs like that of Calavera Tapatia which represents the resilience of the Mexican people.