Hello, my name is Sarah Majewski. Through my designs, I want to advocate for and represent others. It is important to me that I design ethically and with an open mind. Design must address issues that are not usually brought up in everyday life. It should question the difficult aspects of life while also bringing communities together. I always make sure to design for what I believe is important and justified while continuing to widen my perspective.

Kindly is an app that I created to share thoughts freely and connect people from across the world using letters. Letters are written anonymously and then sent out into the kindly universe for other users to respond to. You can write about whatever is on your mind such as a question you have, something you’re worried about, or an accomplishment you can’t wait to share with others. Anonymity eliminates any chance for judgment, so write freely. Real users around the world will see your letter and respond to you directly. As you write more letters you will earn special stickers to share with other users. Try to collect them all! Kindly is a way to express yourself and get support with ease.

Real people, real stories, real support.