Ryan Kuk is an artist and graphic designer from the northwest suburbs of Chicago whose focus is on integrating practices such as photography, design, writing, and the worlds of film and music. Through this mesh of techniques; specifically photography and design, you can facilitate connections and visually create different worlds.

“HOME,” is a project designed to highlight how people create homes for themselves to combat otherness—stemming from the looming feeling of being a misfit that he has felt from a very young age—this zine was created in hopes of combating this feeling for others. The zine comprises a series of interviews, portraits, and photos of peoples’ living spaces. Posters and social media will be used to bring awareness to this project to allow individuals to interact with this community. Through this medium, people can read stories about others hardships, their involvements in subcultures, and identify how they have made homes for themselves throughout the years. The idea is to normalize this uncertainty, to normalize not fitting into what you think you are supposed to be. Homes come but we also have to build them, and more often than not you are not told how arduous and lengthy that process can be.