In my paintings, I look at representing femmes and non-binary members of the LGTBQ+ community while focusing on queer signifiers that are both emphasized and celebrated. These paintings show the manifesting of queer identity that can be complex and nuanced. My work helps to dismantle the dominant perceptions of the body. I aim for the people I paint and the audience to feel empowered by their representation. I am exploring themes of place and interaction, looking specifically at intimate interior spaces and how spaces reflect the people they surround. Often pictured near objects that help define them and their interests, pride also comes from what they create. Trust and consent are important in the process of building relationships before and during a painting, it is a collaborative process on how I paint and how they want to be seen. I also believe my paintings are open-ended, meaning the moment I capture is not all they are. I consider them a record of people and places.