Americans are obsessed with power and tangible evidence, a deadly combination when considering the silent barriers for persons not identifying as white, straight, cisgender men. Minorities are objectified in a one-way mirror society, discriminated against and mis-represented both in a social sense and in their representation within the public education system.

My series explore these invisible walls, discriminatory gazes, and fictionalized facts to create a pictorial manifestation of them. I am interested in the intersection of sexism, sexuality, neuroscience, and psychopathology as they interact with manipulation of the American government and social status quo. I draw from my own and my family’s experiences navigating conservatism, underfunded educational systems, sexual identity, and psychopathological disorders, as well as research regarding sociological, neurological, and political history. Through allegory and modern trends, I juxtapose the tales told by the powerful with the reality of the marginalized masses. I look to push back against the dominant narrative of history and art institutions, and give a voice to the communities and identities that were never given proper stages to speak on regarding these matters. I look to amplify voices through stories and use my art as a narrative tool in an argument for the beaten down. In a world where history is written by the straight white patriarchy, I look to write my own story and make a platform for others to do the same.