My work is a physical representation of a world that takes place inside of my mind. I craft pieces based on my personal life experiences, more specifically related to my mental health and the emotional turmoil that it causes me in my day to day life. Topics such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, dissociation, attachment styles and much more are explored in my practice. I depict these topics ominously with me and personified parts of my characteristics being featured in the work in very dramaticized, gruesome and fantasy-like ways.

My work is very personal and knowing that someone can relate to the stories and emotion that I pour into my work encourages me to keep going. I want to create pieces that bring people comfort and calmness in a way that is not very familiar or conventional. As I continue my career, the most important thing I hope to achieve is an inspiring creation of a grand universe that is my mind. Something that could last a lifetime even after my time here.