Questioning conventional forms and aesthetics, my work seeks to create a conflict within the viewer on whether the work is beautifully striking or weirdly unpleasant. I distort bodily proportions and use bright colors, and use a variety of mediums such as felt, fabrics, paint, printmaking, and digital renderings. My contrast of monstrous proportions and vibrant eye catching color can both turn off the viewer and reel them in. I often use large swollen eyes, puffy cheeks, and long necks to convey this somewhat grotesque surrealism. The abstract shapes, striped lines, and vibrating colors in my work can be seen as a visual manifestation of my anxiety. I seek to visually represent the mindstate of anxiety, and how it makes me feel. The distorted proportions are also a representation of my own problems with self-image and body dysmorphia. In a way, these works are self portraits, but they are manipulated into a body not relating to my own. Having these works not be physically representative of myself is a way for me to make work about myself, without being put on display.