Megan is a designer based in the Chicagoland area. Her work includes illustration, logo and branding design, and the occasional fine arts project. She started in the Animal Science program at Illinois due to her love and passion for animals. She decided to switch to art and design her sophomore year because she knew that’s where she was meant to be. Through her work, she continues to find ways to combine her two passions.

In her project, The Hardest Goodbye,” she finds a way to talk about the difficult experience of losing a pet. It helps with the grieving process for both child and parent. The project includes a 24-page children’s book, stickers and posters. The book helps little kids understand that even after their pets have passed, they can still be an important part of their life. She hopes to make the grieving process easier for children and give them something to remember their pet by. The experience is enhanced by personalizing the book. With personal names, specific drawings of their pet and keepsake tokens – the child can walk away from the book feeling better about what their pet means to them. After losing her childhood pet in September 2021, she sees great value in helping others find a way to remember their pets.