Lena Carey is a graphic designer from Naperville, Illinois, who is interested in using design to make a difference. Lena believes that graphic design is a career that can make an impact beyond the surface level. It can harness deeper connections and improve current systems. Lena is interested in incorporating design into tech, specifically video games. She would like to explore the connection between LGBTQIA+ people and mental health, using horror and video games as a vessel. She hopes that by connecting these topics, she can positively impact the LGBTQIA+ gaming community. Keeping all of these things in mind, Lena created Permafrost.

Permafrost is a proposal for a point-and-click style video game. Permafrost is a horror game about trauma and LGBTQIA+ identity. The player follows Clarice, a lesbian character who runs away from home as she attempts to navigate a cold, dark mansion. Clarice must solve puzzles and confront parts of her past while being stalked by a monster known as The Frost. The Frost is a shapeshifting menace that feeds on vulnerability.

This game proposal is intended to be shown to a game studio that could help bring Lena’s ideas to life. The proposal includes three posters illustrating the protagonist, antagonist, and a summary of the game. It also includes a flipbook that outlines the proposal, showcasing the visuals, game mechanics, and story that Lena has created.