Joey Zilber is a well-rounded graphic designer who is interested in packaging design and branding. He has a multidisciplinary background in design, photography, marketing and painting. He is also passionate about nature and sustainability design. He believes that there is a potential for a future where design is at the forefront of driving sustainability and changing the way we look at our relationship with nature and future.

After traveling around the U.S. on a hiking trip for 3 months, he consistently noticed lots of trash on trails in remote places and public hiking trails. Much of this trash consisted of granola bars, quick snack wrappers and water bottles. NATU was created as an efficient and fun way to combat littering, encourage sustainable hiking practices, and promote a healthier lifestyle. NATU is a healthy and sustainable granola bar made with 100% Biodegradable packaging. The target audience are active individuals who hike and participate in outdoor adventure sports. NATU teaches people about the concept of keeping nature clean and educates people on the impact of littering in both remote and local nature locations in order to keep nature clean. NATU is the perfect on-the-go product for the environmentally conscious nature lover and adventurous spirit in us all.