Jonah Ozer is a Chicago-based graphic designer and artist with ambitions to enhance the world of advertising and promotion through means of powerful visual communication. He believes that in a society that continues to grow in dependence on effective advertising, it is important to have a reliable source of creativity and innovation to ensure the best communication of a concept. One of Jonah’s many design interests revolves around the built environment. He aspires to work on projects that center around professional and public spaces.

Exodus, is a concept for a safe, multi-sensory bar that elevates the typical bar experience. The bar features a series of cocktails that are color-coded to match people’s personalities or current states of mind. The drinks work in multi-levels, it’s a way for customers to socialize and transition into safe connections. They can be used to connect people with similar interests through colors, but also showcase unsafe situations with warning signs that could alert bartenders, others nearby and/or staff, if someone is feeling unsafe. Each drink features an essence of specific personality traits or states of mind, and like-minded customers or people with similar interests/tastes are encouraged to interact together. In addition to this collection of cocktails to encourage social interaction, the bar also features drinks for customers to alert staff of a potentially dangerous situation they may be in. The restrooms of the space would provide a secret menu of non-alcoholic drinks that customers would order from bartenders to discreetly notify them of various scenarios for staff to step in and help, guaranteeing a safe environment for everyone to socialize and escape the real world and emit your energy.