Pencil sketches. Wood and foam. A question mark. I am a product designer who seeks to perceive the world with care and seek real life solutions for actual people. My academic background and internship experience in the field of design have made me quite familiar with user research, concept generation, prototyping, as well as collaborating with people across different disciplines.As a designer I’ve learned to stay objective and analytical, but there is also an emotional and poetic part that coexists in me and my design practice. Since I also study literature and creative writing, I learned to be extra sensitive to language and social and cultural context which helps me to better empathize with my users. And just being an imaginative poet, the energy to break walls also inspire my design practice. For my future plans, I am interested in looking into fields that are often left out by traditional mass production and standardization, especially marginal user groups like people with arthritis, or in some cases women in general. And I consider it my mission to support them both physically and emotionally through my design.