My capstone project developed after really thinking about events that have heavily impacted my life and are very important to me. Around a year ago, my mom, whom I have a very close relationship with and regard as a best friend, was diagnosed with diabetes. This transition from her regular lifestyle to one where she has to monitor every eating habit while working two jobs in order to support her family was a very difficult one to make. In addition, my family has also faced language barriers and limited healthcare resources. As one of the older children, I was tasked with translating documents for my parents, often communicating complex medical jargon. Furthermore, during the creation of my project, my older brother was hospitalized and diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes which was extremely frightening since I live a long distance from home. These difficulties, in addition to other healthcare issues and the difficult communication skills necessary for specialized medical terminology, I developed additional resources that can help others especially multicultural multilingual families. My capstone project then developed to become a Bilingual Healthcare Campaign for Diabetes.