Hello! I’m Jamarri Nix, a designer, illustrator, and researcher from Chicago interested in exploring topics including identity, race, equity, and place. Representation and celebrating my cultural background are pivotal aspects of my work. I enjoy delving into virtually any medium in my practice, and this interdisciplinary approach has afforded me the flexibility to use any medium, format, or space that best communicates messages that are significant to me. I am interested in sharing my personal growth while providing awareness and insights about important societal issues.

Along my academic journey, I noticed that there were not many peers or instructors that looked like me. I also realized there were gaps in class discussions about Black history, which left me feeling disconnected and under-served in my education. Although I was grateful for the different perspectives I gained, I believed I needed to reconnect with my roots to attain a more extensive understanding of Black history. With this in mind, I decided to focus on representing Black communities in a holistic, positive manner.

Unforgotten: Stop the Erasure is a website created to showcase, empower, and inspire young Black designers. It is a project about providing a foundational overview of significant Black figures, locations, and events that are often (and wrongfully) diminished or ignored entirely in US history books.