Developing visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing artwork, while encouraging and destigmatizing the conversation over mental health are central aspects of my work. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression and has learned to exist in an uneasy truce with them, it would be my greatest joy in life to be able to help start conversations where none currently take place. I’ve seen first hand where such lack of conversations can lead, and I aim to help ensure that such events never occur again. My work often takes the form of posters and logos, brand design, photography, and even recently branching out and exploring traditional illustration. I’m an intently curious person and that curiosity is reflected in the breadth of artforms that I engage in. While my main focus will always be my Vector illustration work (Posters, logos, brand design) I wish to be able to convey my goals through a wide variety of art forms. Thus the reason why I’m drawn to photography and traditional illustration, and as I continue to advance in my art career I’m certain that this drive will only grow.