What if there was a world without gender norms and stereotypes? I create a society of beings in an imaginary space using the waste we create. This space does not confine them to a society of judgment. My pieces are mixed media and explore the topic of gender, freely formed bodies, and alien aesthetics. Specifically, my works present genderless bodies in liberated poses presenting ambiguous genders. I avoid sexualizing these forms. My practice is an ongoing exploration with materials and expressive body figures, investigating the endless possibilities of what can be done with waste, photography, sculpture, paintings, drawing, etc. I do not want to limit myself and my beautiful figures on where and how they can be presented to the audience. My work, overall, is abstract and mixed media, without care for traditional processes of how a painting or sculpture is made. The pieces I make are done with admiration, not perfection, though I do find the society of figures I make to be perfect. They are my own society of outer world beings with no care or worry or judgment on their looks, because they simply do not know gender. Imagine a world without gender, just graceful people.