Know your place. Talk less. Bossy. Whore. Smile more. Getting a bit chunky aren’t we? From the day you are born before you can even speak it seems as though you have to be perfect. You must be perfect. You must be beautiful. You must be pure. From an infant with pink dresses to a curious child and into a young woman there is a rope that society ties around your neck. The more you grow, the older you get, the bigger you become; the rope stays the same. You can fight for air, plead to have it cut off, but it remains. Never loosening, grasping your neck tighter as you begin to swell, never expanding. You are taught to accept it, to just learn to love it, never straying from what the world considers your place. Those who chose to reject their own personal noose find themselves cast aside and marginalized. Within my work I demonstrate the mental and physical anguish that has become an identity in so many women. This is done through the hyperbolized images I have created through multiple painting and print made collections that show these hateful accusations and stereotypes brought to life. It is in my own opinion that we cannot learn from these disgraceful behaviors within our own society unless they are directly in front of our face. This is what my work is intended to express.