Hi! I am a graphic designer hoping to move to Chicago after graduation. While I am excited to move to a new city, one thing that scares me is making new friends. For this reason, I was inspired to create my app – Link!

Link is an app designed for people in their 20s who have recently moved to a new city and are looking to meet friends. Link uses an algorithm to match people based on personality quizzes and common interests, rather than the users’ own photos. This is an attempt to eliminate surface level judgment, and ensure maximum friendship compatibility. Users are able to join community groups, post events to the group feed, and even earn badges after hitting milestones within the app. There are also safety features such as uploading videos to avoid catfishing, and the ability to report users if they do or say something inappropriate. Through Link, my goal is to bring people with common interests together in a new, safe, and comfortable way!