I firmly believe that sometimes things can mean nothing at all. Which isn’t to say that things do nothing, because things exist and often with existence comes some sort of doing, but that is to suggest that maybe the doing is enough. Maybe a blue curtain means that the sun is bright and the blue curtains were cheaper than black. Maybe there’s a river in this place because the river provided fertile ground that was nice to build a town around. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

I want to make art where wondering about the maybe is enough. Art where it’s enough that the process was fulfilling, or art that engages. Art that is simply put, kind of mundane. I love art that tells stories and connects us to each other and directs us towards the future, and I think that it has a profound, desperately needed effect in the world. I admire the people that create that art, but I am not one of them. The most defining part of my work is that I don’t want to be pressured to change the world. Maybe my art will change someone’s mind or stick with them, that would be nice but it’s certainly not the point. I want to explore my personhood and the multifaceted parts of myself through art and maybe that’s enough.