“Alfredo sauce goes on fettuccine; you can’t put it on penne.” Initially, I was humored by this genuine statement. Yet, as I kept recalling it, I felt a desire to challenge the mindset behind it: food traditionalism.

Plate Logue began life as a weapon against this but soon evolved into an idea with more joy and care. Plate Logue is both a food utility and social media: it’s a platform where the everyday person can share recipes, ideas, and food-related content. It’s just as open to traditional and gourmet recipes as it is to wacky, risqué, and stomach-turning recipes. Users also can share food pics and videos, chat, and make food subcommunities. This nonhierarchical space was designed without a strainer because everyone cooks, everyone eats, and everyone loves food. Learn, make, and mix with other foodies in this fresh food app, Plate Logue!