Cathleen Clark developed this project centered around providing an illustrated, interactive workbook that may be used by those who feel alone while struggling with their mental health. The pandemic has put a strain on many people’s mental health. In a time when you truly cannot go anywhere and are forced to only share company with yourself, many people had to battle their demons totally alone when they may not have had to before. This interactive book seeks to provide an outlet for moments when someone feels alone and doesn’t know what to do with the emotions they are feeling. Everyone has different coping methods for different encounters. There are many different books that offer potential solutions to the negative feelings that occur when our minds battle themselves, but the burden of work falls solely on the reader to put into action. This book hopes to remove some of that burden while also allowing the reader to make their own decisions on each page. The goal of this project is to lead readers in the direction of reflection and love for themselves at their own pace, without feeling as though they have to. Clark chose this medium because a physical book provides a more hands-on experience and options for interactivity that may keep readers engaged. Clark is a designer exploring both the digital and physical methods of art-making in the hopes her creations may be able to tell intimate and meaningful stories.