Art has been a constant fixture in my life, and it is truly the lens through which I see the world. In my four years at the School of Art & Design, I have been pushed to create artwork that has progressed exponentially in scale, subject matter, and medium. It is through this experimentation that I have developed a recognizable style that combines my personal interests and artistic skills. I gravitate towards an “analogue graphic” way of working, using classic materials like graphite, charcoal, ink, and acrylic to mimic the clean and intricate nature of digital art. At first glance my work mimics popular culture, however all of my artwork is autobiographical. My work is permeated with references to my love of music and dance, as well as a sense of humor.

I do not separate my art making from my art teaching and I consider myself as much an artist as I am an educator. My students and campers have inspired me to become a more well rounded artist, and have emboldened me to open my mind to new and innovative ways of thinking. I feel genuine joy helping them succeed in their artistic endeavors, and I have been honored to share my experience and love for creating with them. I feel incredibly fortunate to love what I do and to have known my calling from a very young age. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase the progression of my work and this gratitude is reflected in my art.