My work embodies earth’s inherent truth that creation lives in constant celebration. However, this truth has been suppressed by inherited human systems of environmental destruction. As an artist and an ecologist within this system, my performative sculptures actively resist this threat. Human movements that personify nature activate my sculptures, using the erotic and flamboyant to express the unrestrained richness of the evolutionary history of life on earth. From ancient life forms to extant species, creation has always rejoiced in its vitality, variance, and vision. I am excited about the intrinsic playfulness of soft sculpture and fiber and how it relates to a multitude of ecological phenomena. Combining real and imaginary elements, my work uses camp aesthetics to convey the bizarre ecology of coral, fungi, bacteria, worms, and bryophytes. I explore the similarities between haute couture and scenes of decay in nature by using color, texture, and pattern to articulate both as forms of decadence. Creation’s shared grief towards our rapidly deteriorating planet is explicit. My work attempts to understand earth’s transcendent jubilation, which is evident in all landforms and living things.