Bo Cheng is a graphic designer who focuses on the universality of design. He believes the information on design should be widely accessible and not bound by written language alone. Cheng is interested in utilizing design principles to educate others about different cultures.

The exhibited project is a design proposal for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The project presents Chinese culture and China’s capital city of Beijing in a more diverse way. The design of the project takes into account the wide range of target groups including spectators and athletes from all over the world. The project focuses on a more diverse means of representing traditional Chinese culture, the changes in modern China, and the integration of the spirit of sports. The graphic and the shape of the emblem are inspired by the transportation system of Beijing, and the rounded combined shapes express the infinite possibilities for each athlete on the game field while expressing the vitality and integration of the city of Beijing. The top half of the emblem is the pinyin, a set of phonetic norms for international standards, a symbol of the city’s connection to the world. The colors of the emblem are inspired by Chinese blue and white porcelain. The blue glaze color not only demonstrates the elegance of traditional Chinese culture but also combines with the theme of the Winter Olympics.