Abbie Steele is a designer and artist based in Champaign, IL. Her work often strays from the conventional corporate rules of design, instead favoring a unique approach. When designing, she finds it important to include her artistic practices. This includes making her illustrations, altering typography, creating patterns, and collecting photographs for collages. Creativity is at the forefront of her design process, which is evident in her funky design style. She finds that the style of her work changes frequently, but currently includes aspects of collage, fun textures and pops of color. The projects Abbie tackles are chosen based on her passions. She finds it important to use her skill to address problems that are ignored, or like her current campaign “The Come Up”, topics that are typically biased.

In “The Come Up”, Abbie has given an outlet for people to receive unbiased education about psychoactive drugs. She has collected personal stories to share with others. Along with these stories, she has also included information on drug harm reduction and substance testing kits, as well as promotional and distribution materials. The goal of this campaign is to give people the proper resources necessary to keep themselves safe when contemplating drug use. It is evident that current abstinence drug education is not effective in reducing drug harm, people still do them and do them dangerously, which is why she has decided to shift the discussion.