As the daughter and granddaughter of two female artists, I grew up with oil painted portraits and still lifes throughout the house. I am drawn to the power of the portrait and the meaning behind every item in a still life. This was the beginning of my intrigue and appreciation for classical art. I use these traditional mediums to illustrate my own life experiences.

As a visual artist and designer, I’m drawn to and inspired by the human experience. As the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders persist, I continue to reflect on my Latino household. I meditate on my own identity as a second-generation immigrant and how my family and I share intergenerational knowledge. Through the medium of paint, I use portraits and figuration to explore femininity, family, body politics, and race. The series El Punto De Partida thinks through my family’s story, my personal identity, and how we find connection through artifacts and nostalgia.