My name is Paige Hoerner. I’m a visual artist with a primary focus in concept art, character design, and illustration. I work with both traditional and digital media to explore concepts of character creation and storytelling. My main goal is to help create characters and stories that others enjoy and become emotionally attached to since I was able to experience that growing up. I take a lot of influence from many Nintendo titles as they helped me to build and open my imagination as a child. Finding those beautiful, emotional stories is what kept me happy and hopeful growing up. So, I want to continue to make art – like the pieces that inspired me – for others and keep inspiring them to be hopeful and to dream.

My BFA project is a grasp at concept and character art. The idea was to create around ten creature-characters that live together on the island of ‘Sunshine’. Varying styles were explored as a means to better depict the characters and highlight their individual aspects while also pushing myself as an artist. The end product is a collection of many individual works of the characters compiled together to produce a guide on just a few of the creatures living on Sunshine Island.