I’m a graphic designer interested in game design. I would love to eventually find myself working in the game industry in some capacity. I have followed the industry for many years, and it is something I am quite passionate about. I would greatly enjoy collaborating with other creatives to bring the vision of a game to life.

This project was inspired by the current state of the video game industry. I noticed controversy surrounding the perspective of the military represented within the medium. I decided to respond to this issue or controversy by creating my own game that challenges those perspectives of the military. I conducted research and spoke with an active-duty member of the Navy. Through this process, I learned that many people who join the Navy also play video games. I was informed that while video games get some things correct, they fail to focus on the broader picture. For example, they do not depict the chores and other less exciting tasks that soldiers often have to perform. Games often fail to take into consideration the mental aspect of being a part of the military. Through these insights, I decided to design a video game that incorporates everyday components rather than just physical combat. This solution not only required the video game design, but a promotional campaign as well.

The game follows a storyline that reflects those overlooked everyday tasks. Players start as recruits and progress to officers. They move along the game to build strength and steadier mental health as they advance to become commanding officers. As recruits, players will focus on inconsequential tasks like cleaning. But as commanders, players will take charge of other lower-ranking soldiers. As the players progress, they will experience the stress of the job, the trials of managing a group of soldiers, and the challenge of maintaining strong mental health. The game will showcase their mental health status with a mental health depleting bar. As the player’s mental health bar decreases, they may start to notice that their jobs become harder, and reality becomes more difficult to differentiate. If the mental health bar reaches zero, players will be sent to the infirmary where they will have to restart. By the end of the game, players will leave with a newfound understanding of the daily life of a soldier, the obstacles they face, and possibly reconsider their previous perceptions of the military based around gaming.