I am a graphic designer who is primarily focused on Typography and Branding. I have been passionate about graphic design ever since my first design class in high school, and my ultimate goal is to own and operate a design firm.

My Capstone project “HyperActive” is an app designed to help people specifically with ADHD to get motivated to exercise while also sending positive vibes to people during this pandemic. COVID-19 has affected everyone in one way or another. Being active throughout the day helps keep a positive state of mind, and the lack of physical activity is leading to a negative impact on people’s mental health.
This led me to ask the question: “How can people who suffer from ADHD benefit from exercise in terms of their physical health and state of mind?”

My solution to this problem is to design a fitness app that is tailored towards people with ADHD. This app will improve all aspects of someone’s life in terms of fitness, whether it be training your muscles, fixing your diet, or even relaxing your mind through meditation.