I am a designer interest in UI/UX and print design. I enjoy analog and digital sketching as well as experimenting with other forms of making. Some of my ideas come from personal experiences and/or important connection with a topic. I desire to make impactful and meaningful work through my design thinking skills.

“Self-ly” is a mobile app aimed at easing stress and anxiety through commonly used self-care methods such as bullet journaling. The goal is to make the user feel at ease using this app rather than feeling overwhelmed by the process of creating one for yourself. This includes journaling, planning and personal tracking. The idea came from a combination of my own struggles with stress, anxiety and my everlasting search for new forms of making. I wanted to design a tool that would allow me, and hopefully others, to ease our minds, jot down our thoughts. reflect on day-to-day events, and realize where we’ve been and where we could go.